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WHO UNICEF review of national immunization coverage, 1980-2016

View DTP3 estimates (Country and WHO) for a specific country.

Compare DTP3 estimates between 2 or more countries. Chart shows information graphically.

Vaccine-preventable diseases: monitoring system. WHO country summaries

Site wide analysis

Wnen data was last updated.

Personalized dashboard with reports, charts and customized information.

Global Health Initiatives

Select a country and indicators to develop a customised reports

Several financing indicators and technical activites combined into a single dashboard report for a specific country chosen.

Show tech support per region

Lists obectives for countries at a regional level.

Health System

Mapping of  Under Five Mortality Rate, Infant Mortality Rate and Neonatal Mortality Rates


Density of Health Workforce per 100 population

Dynamic presentation of key HA ratios and per capital levels for countires over time

The World Health Organization global mapping of key ratios and per capita expenditures by year

National Health Planning

World map that shows colored distributin of NHPSP end dates among countries. This views includes different filters.

Pie chart that shows distribution of end dates for different countries and regions

Shows countries and their corresponding NHPSP end dates. Includes filters.